Nintendo's E3 Game Announcements — #CUPodcast

Pat & Ian discuss the Nintendo E3 video and announced Wii U games like Splatoon and the new Zelda game! For more #CUPodcast videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4T1sDYpnBr6oSr1zIUCb5clReSXM8NN1
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  1. Ricky Goode

    Zelda is my favorite franchise, but that new trailer did not do much for me. There's way too little we know and Zelda's developers tend to lean towards hyperbole when describing  upcoming games. We honestly don't know enough for me to get excited about it.

  2. David H

    my brother and i bought a wii u after the e3 announcement. I am so excited for all of these games coming out and i haven't been this excited in a while. Mario cart 8 is really fun

  3. Naaa

    Objectively: Sony was horrible at E3 this year. Nintendo brought all those console exclusives. Microsoft resurrected games people wanted, console exclusives, quality ones that have proved themselves, and some new ones too that objectively were interesting. Sony was down right bad. LOU is meant to be the highlight? Wheres the last guardian? They could have given us something. Granted Uncharted is alright, Suda's game looked like trash, Sky is a multiplat and the Infamous DLC game is okay, but Micro even had a DLC game for Dead Rising 3. Nintendo and Microsoft dropped bombs. Sony went out with a wimper… Little Big Planet at E3? Gimme a break

  4. Naaa

    Microsoft and Nintendo won E3 hands down. Sony should bow they're head in shame. Can't believe how little quality exclusive wise they have become… The PS1 era they had a lot, but its clear Playstation isn't the company people grew up with. No God of War at E3? What happened to the Last Guardian? Can't believe Killzone become a priority… That's how you know they don't care about quality exclusives anymore. LBP3 should be a downloadable, not a full game to show at

  5. Naaa

    Sony screwed me as a consumer, and someone that really wanted a PS4. Look at the Nintendo and Microsoft exclusives, Sony went dry and phoned it in with multiplat, and Let it die looked mediocre. Not even a Last Guardian new trailer or real confirmation.  Bloodborne looks mediocre thus far, objectively. Sony gave us crumbs, and they let us down. LOU should not have been shown! Other then Uncharted, an Infamous DLC game, and the Sky multiplat, Sony phoned it in big time… They let us down as gamers, and fanboys supporting that horrible conference are shameful! They should want the PS4 to be the console that we as gamers were promised! They are clearly not for the gamers…

  6. TheYamichan16

    I like Mario Kart 8 so much better than Mario Kart Wii. Wii one can be very unforgiving when you're 1st place. I have never played a handheld Mario Kart game. I'm not sure if I ever will. 

    I wanted a Wii U from day one, but I was unable to get it until this past April. I was able to get the Wind Waker Bundle. Gamestops in my area had some left. I know people complain about the lack of the games, but the thing is they're coming. It takes awhile for the main games to hit a console. I rather have a good game than a rushed game. 

  7. Naaa

    Whats great is Nintendo had for items matches at their tournament for Smash. Will be cool to see tournaments start again based around the real Smash Bros, as opposed to the everything off safe Smash competitive Melee rules…

  8. devilmikey00

    I'd love to play my Wii U but it's currently afflicted with the "beep of death". I have to call up Nintendo and get it repaired. Sucks but I guess I've had 20 years of good luck having not a single console die on me, it had to end sometime.

  9. Riverhill

    I ended up buying Wii U few days ago too, really fun system to use. As a mainly PC gamer myself, it gets those specific exclusives I really want to play. Mario Kart 8 is such a blast!

  10. The Game Bench

    I think there were already a fair amount of good games for the Wii U before all the announcements at E3. What it needed was a price drop. When the Mario Kart 8 bundle came out I considered that one. What you go to for $320 was a great deal and it pushed me off the fence and I finally got mine. Now I'm grabbing up all the games I already want and I can't wait for all the new stuff coming out. I agree with Pat that this won't make the Wii U a killer must own system for everyone, but it's a good start. Regardless, I think it's the system to own right now.

  11. Cole MacGrath

    Hey, don't be shitting on Solid Snake! While not a Nintendo mascot, he's just as big a video game icon as the other Smash combatants, to an extent. Otherwise he wouldn't even be in the game. And yes, Simon Belmont (along with Dracula) needs to be in Smash Bros like RIGHT NOW!

  12. Paul Price

    solid snake is a badass and i pwnd with him on super smash. it was the first  time i played any of the super smash games. nintendo to me nowadays feels WAY too much like the old wcw (late 90's early 2000). all this bunch of talent and three maybe four people are being used. (mario, link, donkey kong, and hopefully samus at some point again). lather rinse and repeat.

  13. Eddie Spaghetti

    Solid Snake was THE most hyped and unexpected Smash character announcement ever and he was one of the most popular characters in Brawl, the community went crazy when he was announced, and he was a great character and a ton of fun, he was a lot more than "wooooo wooooo wooooo" 

  14. Marv Albertson

    I own a Wii u but when Pat tried to compare it to the NES and say "the NES didn't do well it's first year" I literally rolled my eyes and laughed… yes the system that emerged out of the video game crash of 83 had a shaky first year and that's totally the same as a console released on the heels of a massively successful predecessor at a time when video games are at peak popularity xD  c'mon bro

  15. Ryan

    What's your problem with Mass Effect Pat? It's arguably the best franchise to come out off the last generation, all three games are critically acclaimed. Why call it crap?

  16. Thomas Lookman

    I think that nintendo really needs to make a pokemon for wii u , not a battle stadium sort of game , but a real one and they could make big open world and pokemon in hd , how doesn't want that.

  17. Muticere

    Damn it, I've been waiting for an open world in the Skyrim sense Zelda game since Link to the Past!  I think that's what angered me so much about Ocarina of Time that I expected it to be that and it wasn't.  

  18. Nao Shadowpaws

    The Wii U did poorly and if the Switch ends up in the same boat then we can all say that Nintendo has a problem that they need to address. Personally I think they need to focus more on developing quality games and quit with the gimmicks. The N64, it had a controller that wasn't perfect, but everyone who grew up with it loved it for what it was. You don't need gimmicks, you need a good input device and a library of games worth playing. Give consumers a long run between consoles and let Microsoft and Sony jerk people around.

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